Making time is hard to do (but let's get over ourselves)

^I'm mainly talking to myself here. But really, we all need to get over ourselves sometimes.

I can't tell you how many times I've given the excuse to someone that "Gosh, I'm just so busy lately, I have no time to do anything!" especially when referring to my writing/why haven't I written anything in awhile. I label my writing, whether for HG or for my blog as "free time" work, but really, it means (and I need to remember this on a regular basis) much more to me than just a random on-the-side hobby. But when I get busy and things start to get a little nutso in life, I let it take a back seat and blame its short term nonexistence on my lack of available time.

Well, I've gotta get over that. Because if I'm being honest with myself, (and I know a lot of my peeps are in a similar situation) life is crazy 95% of the time, so I need to get over the fact that I don't have a lot of free time during my work weeks or weekends, because it's generally filled with fun things I want to be doing anyway! Plus, my writing is something I ENJOY and helps me feel fulfilled, so why not dedicate a few more hours to it instead of avoiding it?

Cue this week's writing: My latest HG article is about this very topic of being a "yes" person with an over-committed calendar, but why that's actually OK for me, right now. Living in this crazy stage of life, full of work, play and lots of YOLOing, is just where I want to be. And hey, if I can do it alongside a fun husband and great friends and family, why not? So do me a favor, and check that article out here.

And what's been personally keeping me busy lately? Well, since I've taken this few week hiatus of writing on here, a lot has been keeping me busy! But that's a normal thing, so today I'll focus on sharing a few new, fun places in this great city of Cincinnati that I've explored so far this spring. Below are a few of my faves as of lately, and I'm sure the list will continue to grow each week. 

I recommend them all, and recommend that you spend your next bit of free time exploring and doing something that makes you happy. At the end of the day, being busy is worth it if you're filling your free time with things you love and that make you a better, happier person. In the words of Molly and Kevin McKnight, go YOLO!


Rhinegeist Rooftop Bar
If you live in Cincinnati, chances are you've been hearing people rave about the new rooftop bar at Rhinegeist. If you don't live in Cincinnati, let me tell you, it's pretty legit. Rhinegeist was one of the first big spots in Over-the-Rhine has continued to expand and become more legit by the day. So, if you're around town, the sun is shining and you want somewhere to go for a craft beer or cider, I suggest climbing the stairs to the rooftop.

FC Cincinnati
Another new thing around Cincinnati is our new United Soccer League professional soccer team. I went to a game with some coworkers and Kev and it was so cool! (It also rained the whole game, so if I'm saying it was cool, it must have been really cool.) Totally recommend going with a group of friends and hitting up a random Clifton bar pre or post game. Check their schedule here.

Dutch's, Hyde Park
This super cute little spot serves as a walk-up bar & bottle shop, deli and restaurant. The cutest part? The private back patio that sits behind the shop with fire pits and a bocce court. We stumbled upon the back patio one random weeknight before dinner and I can't wait to go back. (Also, apparently they have burger night on Thursdays with a limited supply of a burger special. You can find me there my next free Thursday!)

Oakley Pup Crawl
You guys! This was hilarious/amazing/scary/too good to pass up. If you know me, you know I'm not a dog person. But recently we've been hanging with Ella, the McKnight's dog, a lot so I'm trying to warm up to the whole dog idea. We had Ella the weekend of the Oakley Pup Crawl and WOW, it was crazy! People all over the city bring their dogs to our neighborhood of Oakley to bar hop (yes, like legit dogs in the bars), check out local vendors, take part in competitions and support local dog-focused charities. I literally was hanging out in OPG (Oakley Pub & Grill) with what seemed like a million dogs. It was hilarious, kind of terrifying (not a huge fan of loud, big, scary animals...) yet totally worth checking out. Mark it on your calendar for next year!