Welcome, friends! I'm Molly, a 27-year-old Cincinnatian working in marketing and passionate about healthy living and breast cancer prevention. I've made a few decisions in my life that led me to be proactive in regards to my health, and just a tad unique from the normal post-grad working, Hyde Park-running, kale-eating twenty-something.

The "Angelina Effect" was more than a media hype for me. It hit very near and dear to my own life, and those of my family members. Angelina and I are long-lost soul sisters, going through similar situations, thousands of miles (and Hollywood movies) apart. It wasn't until her NYT op-ed in 2013 that I realized BRCA+ chicks like us can be more than just patients that are tested, operated on and talked about, but also a symbol of hope and motivation for others.

All posts are of my own opinion and my insight is meant to be incredibly sincere. Many seem to have their own idea of what is right and wrong when relating to high-risk breast cancer patients, and I base my knowledge solely on first-hand experience. I've come a long way in my journey and have much more to come. If I can help one person, I've succeeded.