Funky Friday

Ever have those days or weeks where you find yourself just in a funk? Whether it's stress or exhaustion or sometimes you don't even know why you're just feeling kind of... off. Been there, done that. I get so mad when I allow myself to get in one of these funks, and ruin a beautiful God-given day, just to be in a sour mood. I know deep down it's not worth it, and whatever is bothering me will be A-okay sooner than later (most of the time), but for some reason, it's so hard to remember that logic when you're down the deep, dark hole of your bad mood.

So today I'm going to focus (and want you to focus, too) on shaking that funk and celebrating the wonderfulness of TGIF, and everything in life we have to be grateful for. And I'll start by telling you how I thought of this topic (aside from being in a weird mood one day this week):

I recently started participating in a little small group book club/bible study with a few close girlfriends. Super casual, super play-it-by-ear, we don't really know what we're doing, but we're going to try, type of thing. It's turning out to be incredible. And I want to talk in length about it, and the awesome book, once we finish, but for now, I'll tell you how it helped me get over myself and crawl out of a funk.

We met this week on Wednesday night in pretty much the best type of circumstance possible: pizza, wine and girl talk. So in all fairness, I should have seen it coming a mile away that I'd leave this type of evening in a kick-ass mood. And as a little teaser, the book we're reading is called Let's All Be Brave by Annie F. Downs. I haven't even finished it and I already 100% recommend it if you're a) a young woman, b) need some motivation and positivtity in your life and c) want to find a way to work your faith into all you do, and want to do in life. It's pretty fantastic.

One of the chapters we read this week was called "Your People." Think: Meredith & Christina, Grey's Anatomy. We all have "our people" in life, helping us get where we need to be, and also depending on us to help them, too. My favorite excerpt:

"But how to find them — the people who will stand with you and hold up your arms or cover your mouth when you should shut up — seems to be the challenge. The people are easier to identify than you may realize — you just follow your path and look around, because the brave ones? They are the ones parallel to you. They are your people."

Isn't that so true? Our people are beside us, all the time. And isn't that cool to think about? We're never alone. And here I am, in a stressed out mood coming into the night, and now remembering how silly that is, because I have these great people all around me to lift me up, even when it's unexpectedly happening over wine and pizza on a Wednesday night. God moment right there.

So point being, it was during this casual, but meaningful get-together and conversation with these girlfriends, that I truly stepped myself back down to earth and remembered that my life really is so good and I'm so fortunate to have great people (especially girlfriends!) as a part of it.

So anywho, thank GOODNESS for fun evenings and motivational books to get a girl out of a funk and back into a "you go girl" type mentality. I hope you all step into the weekend, free of any "funk," and ready to celebrate this beautiful life. You deserve it!