Moving forward because transitions are just #awkward

So here's the deal. I've been putting off a post like this for probably a few months now, and was nervous to get back to my blog, because I can be #awkward. Nothing's wrong, nothing's really changed, but I guess a lot has changed. So here I am, informing whomever may slightly care, about what's going on in my life and what's to come, in a blogging-sense.

1. My mission is still loud and clear: to give a voice to young women who find themselves in the high-risk spectrum of breast cancer, who may otherwise feel alone, scared or uneducated. I want to be your voice, your mentor and your educator (though I still have much more to learn myself). Nothing from that original mission of mine and of this blog has changed, and I want to make that very clear. That is still my priority, and I hope to continue making a difference at whatever capacity God chooses to give me.

Also, update: I may not be as upfront or outward (though that UC Health commercial still plays a million times a day at Fountain Square downtown - shout out to my downtown peeps who have to see my face way too much on there), but I've now taken an executive position on the Susan G. Komen Greater Cincinnati Affiliate's Board of Directors. I truly feel that I can continue making a difference in the lives of affected women in our community, and also in supporting the world's largest breast cancer organization in their goal to save lives and end breast cancer forever. I have so many topics I want to cover soon from things I have learned and observed by holding this position, and am excited I can use my writing to educate others, while using my Board placement to continue educating myself.

2. I'm writing about other "stuff" now, too. You guys, I am like the luckiest human alive that I randomly chose to submit an essay to HelloGiggles one day, and they actually liked it. I'm a huge fan of their site (I mean, it was founded by Zooey Deschenal, and you can't tell me you don't watch New Girl without immediately wanting to be her BFF, so I'm getting there...) so for me to have something published on there was like a j-school dream from college days past. I'm now a real "contributor" which basically means I have my own page, with a photo (so legit) and I can keep continuing to pitch them more content. I rarely am like all-time outwardly proud of myself, but this really made me feel like a badass. So whether it be about breast cancer high-risk or life in general, I'm going to try to keep up my work on their site as much as time allows.

3. Combo of the above: Long story short, I was afraid I couldn't do both. That I couldn't merge my original goals of this blog, with my newly remembered love for writing about all sorts of things. Well, that was not the brightest thought on my part, because I so can, especially with a little boost of confidence. Also, since this is the real world and not every article or essay I pitch to HG will be accepted, I'm going to begin posting some different articles to The Molly Effect. I think this will be a good way to a) not feel discouraged when something I spend time on isn't picked up for their site, and b) help me keep motivated to continue writing, whether or not its original intent was for this site or any other. Something's gotta keep me on my life-goal track to get on the Today Show.

As I said before, my overarching mission is still constant, but I'm also going to branch out and blog about other "lifestyle" topics, whether that be what I learned from planning a wedding this past year, to my awesome BFFs or my right-now best green smoothie recipe, it could definitely vary. If it's lame and I start getting hate mail that I suck all of a sudden, I'll listen. Til then, hopefully you'll enjoy (and go check out my HG articles here). Love you all!

Xoxo & TGIT!