Throwback Thursday: In Oceans Deep, Where Feet May Fail

Throughout this journey, there have been many "little things" or moments that have touched my heart. Whether that be a card in the mail from a friend, an evening spent laughing with girlfriends or a song played by the band at Crossroads, I'm very grateful. Today's Throwback Thursday post is about a song called "Oceans" by Hillsong United, and how it followed me throughout the last few months. The story begins a few months back one Sunday morning when I tagged along with two great friends to Crossroads. I admittedly hadn't been making it to church very often now that it's not 2 minutes away from where I live. So Crossroads was a great place holder for me to get my church fix and I was lucky to have friends who would always invite me to join them. This specific Sunday, the band played this awesome song that just spoke to me instantly. There's something about a good contemporary Christian song that just does it for me.

When I left church I googled what lyrics I could remember and quickly realized it was a popular song, and even some of my other church-going friends had heard it. I kept jamming to it (loudly) all day (annoying the heck out of Kevin) and by the next week it became my go-to song for when I needed some motivation.

Fast forward a few weeks and it's the morning of my surgery. And when I say morning, I mean EARLY morning. My mom and I hopped in the car around 4 or 4:30 a.m. and God bless her she had K-Love on the radio, as usual, and when she turned on the car, there was my song! If that's not a God moment, I don't know what is.

Now again fast forward another few weeks to the first weekend during my recovery that I brought myself back into civilization with my friends. We had gone to dinner Saturday night and they all went out to the bars afterward while Kev and I retreated home early. We had briefly discussed meeting for church in the morning but I figured they'd sleep in after a late night. But to my surprise about 30 minutes before church was to begin I get a text message that my two girlfriends are coming to pick me up to head to church, nonetheless with a green smoothie in hand (hallelujah!!!)

As we were grabbing coffee before finding a seat, I was talking about how I had heard "my" song on the way to the hospital a few weeks earlier and was trying to explain to my friend who had yet to hear it how much it moved me. And low and behold, five minutes later, what do they play? The song! Once again, God moment to a T.

The point of this walk down music memory lane is that my faith is something I am proud of, even when I sometimes unknowingly call upon it. God acts in mysterious ways, and sometimes, at least for me, I can find him and his peace in song. So for this awesome new "Jesus music" (you can chuckle) song find, God bless church-going friends, early morning Christian radio and girlfriends who pick you up with green smoothies.

Xoxo, Molly

P.S. I encourage you to listen to the song. It will not disappoint!